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    Detailed description

    Every online promotion is cross-sell and upsell

    1 module to manage promotions in PrestaShop

    Cross-sell and Upsell are promotional products or services for the customer, available at a lower price or in addition to the product being viewed. By using these promotional methods, the size and value of the shopping cart increase.

    Cross-sell in PrestaShop

    Cross-sell involves offering products or services complementary to the browsed product, such as a frequently chosen add-on.

    Cross-sell allows you to increase the value of the shopping cart and, at the same time, does not carry risks, since the customer has already made a choice of the primary product.

    Upsell in PrestaShop

    This is a technique for suggesting products and services based on verification of customer needs. Upsell can be an improved version of a product or additional products and services.

    Upsell requires knowing the customer's needs and sensing whether they are willing to spend more for a product that meets their needs in the basic version.

    Along with the module, you get implementation

    Module + implementation = your satisfaction

    Implementation service

    Any form of promotion requires adaptation of the module to your products and the configuration and design (template) of the store. That's why we sell this module together with the implementation service. Module + implementation service is a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

    1. We need to know your needs - after purchasing, open a request on HelpDesk and describe exactly what effect you want to achieve.
    2. We design and implement a template (look and feel) of promotions tailored to your store.
    3. We configure the promotions, which you will be able to modify later on your own from the module.

    Implementation takes up to 7 working days.

    PrestaShop Cross-sell Creator
    PrestaShop Upsell Creator


    We designed the module in such a way that you will be able to manage all implemented promotions on your own in 1 module.

    You can find the details of all created Cross-sell and Upsell promotions in the module configuration.

    Select and combine products, modify prices and display locations or create new promotion variants.

    Flexible promotion creator

    Manage multiple promotions in 1 module

    Manage promotions in the module by combining products together and creating unique benefits for the customer, which will consequently generate more sales.

    Unlimited number of promotions

    With the module, you can handle many different promotions that will be displayed in different places of your store. The promotion will be displayed when the conditions you indicate are met, such as:

    • Cart contents
    • Number of products in the cart
    • Cart value
    • For a specific product

    In key areas of the store

    Promotions will display when a conversion opportunity occurs. If a customer uses a promotion on the product page, for example, the promotion will not be repeated in other parts of the store:

    • On the product page
    • In the POP-UP - after adding the product to the cart
    • By the product in the shopping cart or under the shopping cart
    • Anywhere in the store, such as on the homepage or in a blog post

    Smart price reduction

    If a customer takes advantage of a promotion, they will be able to:

    • Receive additional products for free or at a reduced price
    • Get a discount on whole or partial purchases
    • Select additional products or services at the standard reduced price or intelligently recalculated price
    • Leave original prices:
      Bed 500 EUR + Mattress 1000 EUR (you can sell products this way only as a set)
    • Reduce the price of the set by percentage or amount:
      Bed 500 EUR + Mattress 800 EUR (-20%)
    • Set new prices:
      Bed 500 EUR + Mattress 1 EUR.
    • The price of the promotional product is a % off the price of the basic product:
      Bed 500 EUR + additional warranty at 10% of the product value: 50 EUR.

    Examples of promotions

    Plan and manage any type of promotion

    Realize the boldest ideas. You can name promotions the way you want, configure them in the module and modify their appearance in the module's .tpl and .css files.

    Additional services to the product in the shopping cart

    Create products such as Additional Warranty, Furniture Bringing, Transportation, etc. Additional Warranty can have combinations, such as 12 / 24 / 36 months.


    Upsell on the product page

    Additional products whose prices can be set rigidly or dynamically.

    Promotion for basket value

    Set a total basket value that will initiate a promotion. When the condition is met, the customer will be able to buy additional products at a reduced price.


    Product sets

    Combine products in pairs to sell more.

    Promote for the number of products in the shopping cart

    Indicate the number of products in the shopping cart that will initiate the promotion. When the condition is met, the customer will be able to buy additional products at a reduced price.

    Promotion for specific products

    Indicate the product for which you want to initiate the promotion. When the customer is on the product page or has the product in the shopping cart, he will be able to buy additional products at a reduced price.

    Promotion for categories and manufacturers

    Indicate the categories or manufacturers. Cross-sell and Up-sell will be conducted on the product page with the additional products you indicate in the rule. If the customer decides not to buy from the product page, the promotion will be renewed in the shopping cart.

    Promotion with attribute and combination support

    When creating a promotion, you can indicate whole products or specific combinations. You can create a product "Additional warranty" and configure 3 combinations in it:

    • Basic warranty - 3 months (no price change)
    • Extended warranty - 6 months (+20%)
    • Premium warranty - 12 months (+35%)

    The customer will be able to select an additional warranty service to the product, as an optional extension of the product. If the customer does not take advantage on the product page - the promotion can be repeated in POP-UP after adding to the cart or in the shopping cart.


    Tailor the look of the promotion to your store

    Edit the look and placeholder in the .tpl and .css files

    If you need a new type of promotion after implementing the module in your store - you can implement new promotions yourself or order implementation by our team on HelpDesk.

    The .tpl and .css files are responsible for the look and function of the promotion.

    • On the product page
    • In the POP-UP after adding to cart
    • In the shopping cart
    • In other areas of the store

    Combine banner and product promotions

    The flow of promotions from the banner to the shopping cart

    To achieve high conversion of in-store promotions, you can create banner promotions. You will implement each banner, slider or POP-UP promoting Upsell and Cross-sell promotions in your store using the Banners and POP-UP boxes module in PrestaShop.

    Also place the banners displayed in your store on social media and display ads. and enjoy consistent

    Changelog ()
    Komentarze ()
    The reviews posted on our store are not sponsored in any way. We also verify that they were added by customers who have purchased from us or guests. If you want to learn more about this topic please read our Regulations.
    Tomasz M
    Nie wiem skąd te oceny pod tym dodatkiem, przez rok nie jesteśmy w stanie na prestashop 1.7 go wdrożyć - po roku dostajemy informację że trzeba dopłacić 1200zł netto i informatyk z prestashow wszystko zrobi. Dodam że nasz informatyk starał sie postawić ten dodatek jednak na wersji nie był w stanie
    Super moduł z wieloma możliwościami tworzenia promocji. Na Helpdesk zamawialiśmy niestandardowe opcje cross-sell. Wszystko git:)
    Katarzyna K
    Moduł działa w porządku, można tworzyć różne promocje w różnych miejscach, ale na uruchomienie w naszym sklepie czekaliśmy 10 dni.
    Raphaël F
    Easy to edit appearance via template files and a lot of possibilities to creates cross-sell rules in module configuration. Fully recommend
    Jacek G
    Bardzo dobry kreator przeróżnych promocji o zaskakująco dużych możliwościach, ale uwaga... W całości po angielsku, co dla kotów może stanowić problem :)
    Tymon T
    Wymagał interwencji Helpdesk, aby zadziałał z naszym szablonem. Teraz w pełni polecam, moduł gra i buczy! :)
    Magdalena M
    Niestety, ale szczerze mówiąc to tylko jedna funkcja pracuje prawidłowo na tym module, którą z resztą można mieć w darmowych moduł u innych deweloperów, reszta wymaga przerabiania, rzekomo opisywane funkcje w rzeczywistości nie działają. Do tego support kompletnie zlał naszą prośbę o pomoc i nawet nie odpowiadając na pytania zamknął POMOC. Jak na moduł za 600zł to kompletna porażka. Nie polecam.
    Testuję moduł i mam taką uwagę:
    - w warunkach danej promocji (zakładka Conditions) jest na dole pole do podania jakie produkty muszą być w koszyku aby dana promocja była włączona, moja sugestia jest taka by było również analogiczne pole wyboru artykułów które nie mogą być w koszyku, np. jeśli w koszyku jest już "Kubek XYZ" to nie chcę go dodatkowo proponować na 1 zł.
    Sylwia P
    W module brakuje kilku polskich tłumaczeń. Poza tym polecam
    Marcin P
    Fajne możliwości konfiguracji zasad i miejsc wyświetlania promocji. Z pomocą programisty dopasowaliśmy wygląd do sklepu, co. polecam każdemu od razu po instalacji modułu.

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