Implementation service of the development version of your PrestaShop store SEO friendly, password protected, no content duplication Test, install modules, modify your store without interruption GIT system - connect the development version with the production version and work comfortably with the code

Store and database backup configuration service on external servers Encrypted, password-protected archives Quick store recovery in case of failure, attack or hacking

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    PrestaShop server ready for your every move

    We have been developing our proprietary server configuration for PrestaShop since 2015. During this time we have checked and tested dozens of server platforms from Poland and abroad.

    We base the configuration on Linux or CloudLinux, and for convenient management of basic server parameters we install the Plesk panel. This duo guarantees that the management of most server parameters will be friendly for beginners and intermediate users.

    Your experience with PrestaShop will improve

    You will feel the difference while browsing the back-office panel and the store front.The server prepared by our team guarantees stable maintenance up to ~10,000 UU / day, and even up to 1,000 UU at the same time.

    Extra demand

    If you need servers for more than 10,000 UU / day contact us before ordering for a customized quote.

    A new server is required for us to proceed. A professional server provider and a well-thought-out environment will allow you to work with your PrestaShop store efficiently, uninterruptedly and securely. The servers we recommend are:
    • OVH - VPS and dedicated servers with Linux Debian 10
    • Digital Ocean - shared cloud servers(click for $100 to start)
    • Google Cloud - in any configuration

    PrestaShop server deployment process

    This service includes the preparation and optimization of a new server for your store.

    We configure servers according to open source standards and solutions and popular server tools and packages. Any server administrator and experienced programmer will be able to continue working with the server using our configuration.

    What does the server deployment service include?

    • Installation and configuration of a new VPS or dedicated server
    • Configuration of the data file system, cache and database
    • Optimization of server components working with PrestaShop engine
    • Implementation of free SSL and CloudFlare (optional).
    • [Optional] Docker, GIT, developer version
    • [Optional] Encrypted database and file backup system, with sending copies to an external server

    What is not included in the server deployment service?

    • Server fee: 200-600 PLN net / month
    • Plesk panel fee: about 400 PLN net / year
    • Additional server for backups: about 300 PLN net / year (it can be your old FTP server)
    • Store optimization
    • Migration of files and database to a new server: PLN 1000 net
    • Migration of mailboxes content (you can create new mailboxes yourself in Plesk panel)

    Speed of the store

    A powerful server may not speed up a store that has bugs and has never been optimized. For maximum results, we offer optimization of the store, which, together with a new server, guarantees a maximum increase in speed and results in performance tests, such as Google Google Page Speed, GTMetrix, etc.

    How long does it take to implement a PrestaShop server?

    It takes about 10 working days to prepare the server for your store including data migration.

    Working environment

    We run and optimize the PrestaShop server in a Linux Debian or CloudLinux environment. Optionally, we can implement a virtualization environment to streamline work on the store for multiple developers. Ask your team if they use Docker.

    • PrestaShop classically, directly on the server
    • PrestaShop + Docker
    • PrestaShop + Kubernetes

    Server infrastructure for PrestaShop

    • Web server - a server with Apache/Nginx + PHP-FPM software, which responds to queries directed to the store's domain address (including displaying the store's subpages). Servers additionally contain, among other things, security software against attacks.
    • Database server - a server with MySQL database software*.
    • Backuplocation - a place to save backups of all store files and database - this can be Amazon Web Services S3, Google Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces or your old FTP server. The copy packets are encrypted, securely transferred and stored, and old copies are automatically deleted. The optimal server size for copies should be 15x larger than the total size of the database and store files.
    • GitLab - includes a Git (version control system) repository. Git contains at least two branches containing the store's code - a development version and a production version. Git takes over full automation of the implementation of source code changes and version synchronization. The GitLab system can also serve as a panel of works and tasks at the store and a tool for communication with developers and employees of the store.

    PrestaShop Backup Pro - backups on an external server.

    This is an additional paid service.

    Backups of all files of the production store and the database are made regularly at larger or smaller intervals.

    1. Compressed archives are created and are password-protected.
    2. The created archives are sent to external servers.
    3. Old archives are automatically deleted.

    You can read more about backups here.

    DEV + GIT - development version and store code control system.

    This isan additional paidservice.

    If you are not familiar with the concepts of GIT and Docker or do not use the services of a programmer familiar with these technologies - skip this option or change the programmer. If you work with one or more developers, we recommend implementing GIT version control and code collaboration. This option will work perfectly in tandem with the Docker virtualization environment.

    You can read more about version dev and the git system here.

    Load tests

    Before passing the server, we perform load tests and make the necessary corrections. You will receive a store ready to be tested from the usability side and to run. Satisfaction and speed guaranteed.


    We cover configurations with a 3-month warranty, during which we optimize the implemented solution. In case of problems after the warranty period, we provide paid substantive and programming assistance through the help system.

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    Pracujemy na serwerach przygotowanych przez PrestaShow. Uwzględnili tematy takie, jak wersja developerska uruchamiana z Dockera, spięcie z git i GitLab. Całość wspierana przez Plesk, który pozwala wykonywać samodzielnie różne operacje. Profesjonalnie i bez zastrzeżeń :-)
    Korzystamy z serwerów PrestaShow od roku. W tym czasie nasz sklep nie miał ani jednego przestoju, wszystkie prace serwisowe wykonywane są w dobrym timingu. Korzystaliśmy dwukrotnie z OPTYMALIZACJI. Regularnie zamawiamy przeróżne prace i modyfikacje. Wsparcie programistów i opiekuna na najwyższym poziomie. POLECAMY
    Sebastian S
    Jesteśmy zainteresowani:
    - ustawieniem serwera dla sklepu
    - optymalizacją sklepu (kupiliśmy wtyczkę LazyLoad)
    - poprawienie integracji 4 hurtowni w sklepie (mamy wtyczkę importu)

    Poproszę ofertę zbiorczą, aby zrobić to raz i dobrze :)
    Korzystamy od ponad pół roku. Stabilnie, od 8000 do 25000 UU / dzień. POLECAMY.

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