PrestaShow HelpDesk

With PrestaShow, you will be able to realize all your needs to develop your Commerce business with a calm head. We provide programming, analytics and server support for the daily development of your PrestaShop store and the tools you use.

You set the goals,

We take care of their implementation.

We have built a team with which we will help you develop eCommerce. Our goal is a partnership in which we will provide technology support at the highest level.

What services do we provide?

  • Audit, optimization and automation of processes
  • 360 programming support
  • Administration of servers and cloud solutions
  • Integration of services, programs and processes of stationary, retail, B2B, warehousing, logistics, accounting and international sales
  • We secure the store from crashes and sales downtime
  • We take care of transparent communication

eCommerce + IoT?

If you want, we will jump over the competition together and use our department of architects of electronics, microcontrollers and embedded systems in realizing the boldest goals connecting the world of eCommerce with the world of things. We know how to combine and leverage software and hardware in business.

Check out our Planter project, with which we will connect farmers with B2B and B2C customers.

PrestaShop Pro Support

As our regular customer, you get guaranteed team availability, priority response time and constant contact.

We protect your store from crashes and sales downtime.

You'll take advantage of our support when making changes, designing new features and completing the most difficult tasks.