PrestaShop support

At PrestaShow, we develop modules and provide support for online stores. Choose the tier in which you need help, and then contact us so that together we can start developing your PrestaShop store.

  • DEV - complete programming support.
  • UI/UX - mockup and implementation.
  • CARE - analytical and technological care.
  • DevOps - server administration and performance optimization.
  • SAFE - we work with CI/CD process and use git.
We are an official PrestaShop partner and participate in the PrestaShop Expert program.

PrestaShop Software House

You set the goals, We take care of their implementation.

PrestaShow is an interdisciplinary team of eCommerce technology specialists with over 12 years of experience. We help you grow your business and take care of the professional development of your store on the domestic market and abroad.

PrestaShop 360 support

We listen to your needs and recommend optimal solutions. We take care of a transparent dialogue and a good pace of implementation. You can manage the work of the development team or use the Project Manager service. We provide support in the HelpDesk panel.

  • Audit, analysis and optimization
  • Dev - full programming support
  • UI/UX recommendations and mockups
  • Support in managing the development directions of the store
  • DevOps Linux - administration of servers and cloud solutions
  • Integration of desktop, retail, B2B, warehousing and logistics and accounting tools
  • Optimization of international sales
  • Legal audit, regulations, implementation of Cookies, Omnibus, GDPR

PrestaShop Pro Support

We protect your store from crashes and sales downtime.

For a small subscription fee, you get a package of hours, guaranteed availability of the team, priority response time and constant contact with the maintainer. We will provide daily support in the development of your online store - in making modifications, designing new features, fixing bugs, updates and optimizing and implementing tasks that automate your work.

PrestaShop + IoT, apps, scanners....

We have a department of embedded embedded systems architects who will complete tasks that will connect your eCommerce business with the devices and software you use in your eCommerce business. We know how to integrate Software and Hardware systems.

To start working with us go to our contact page.

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