PrestaShop optimization - speed up your store and server

In the following article we tell you what work the process of complete optimization of a PrestaShop store should consist of, and what are the approximate costs associated with the implementation of selected components of the optimization process.

PrestaShop optimization

Fast and flawless operation of the store, security, higher positions in search results, comfort of users while browsing the store - for these values it is worth optimizing the PrestaShop store. Store development, modifications and modules, growing database and server traffic, and changing trends affect the "health" of an online store.

What does PrestaShop optimization consist of?

It's a set of analytical and programming services that will improve the quality, security, capacity and speed of your online store.

Optimization influences high performance test scores and increases the SEO quality of your store.

Your experience with PrestaShop will also be improved - you will be using the current version equipped with a number of improvements - in a secure, fast and orderly environment.

  • An audit identifying problems, opportunities and recommendations, along with a quote for the proposed work
  • A 1:1 developer copy of your store, on which we will lead the work
  • Upgrade of PrestaShop and used modules to the latest versions
  • Upgrading the PHP version
  • Optimization of the database, store code, modules and template
  • A new VPS or dedicated server that will maintain the traffic of 1000 users at a time.
  • Optimization of results and errors logged in Page Speed, Lighthouse, GTMetrix and Search Console.

Safe procedure that will not disrupt your store's operation

  1. We audit your store
  2. We prepare a new server and run copies of your store on it
  3. We optimize your store - implement the recommendations proposed in the audit
  4. We test the store and the server, make corrections
  5. Repositioning the old store to the new one takes up to a few hours
  6. You start working on the new store. All data is preserved 1:1

How much does it cost to optimize PrestaShop?

You can find out the exact quote for optimization by ordering PrestaShop Audit service.

The information below is not a quote, as the final price of optimizing your store is affected by many variables.

  • Current PHP version and PrestaShop version.
  • Quality and speed of code, modifications and overrides
  • The number of modules used
  • Errors, warnings and slowdowns of the store and database
  • Configuration and capabilities of the server and database
  • Performance and load test results


An audit is a road-map for the work on your store.

You will receive a PDF with a description of the state of your store and server. In the audit we list problems, opportunities and recommendations along with a quote for each item.

You can order a PrestaShop audit by purchasing the product below. With the code 6UADILI3 you will receive a 10% discount.

Updating your store, modules and PHP

Price from: PLN 2,000

We upgrade PrestaShop 1.6x ->, PrestaShop 1.7x > and PrestaShop 8x and modules to the highest possible version. We upgrade the PHP version and solve all the problems encountered in the store and modules. As part of the service, we do not upgrade stores between versions 1.6 -> 8x (we propose to implement a new store).

Search Console, Page Speed, Lighthouse, GTMetrix optimization.

Price from: 3,500 PLN

Increasing the score in Mobile and Desktop performance tests involves correcting errors related to the appearance and design of the template, JavaScript files and the source code of the store. Optimization also includes modules and database. Correcting errors in Search Console will increase the SEO quality of your store.

How to order and how long does it take to optimize the store?

We will carry out all the work without interrupting the operation of your store

  1. Add to cart and pay for PrestaShop Audit service
  2. Open a request on HelpDesk
  3. Implementation of the Audit takes up to 10 working days
  4. After reviewing the Audit you can order the implementation of the recommendations proposed in it

Effects of PrestaShop store optimization

The process of updating and optimizing PrestaShop is a milestone, the effects of which you will enjoy and profit from for a long time. Below are selected realizations of optimizing our clients' stores:


prestashop google page speed


If you want to optimize your PrestaShop store - start by ordering a PrestaShop audit.

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Dzień dobry. Proszę o informacje czy dacie radę zoptymalizować sklep Zależy mi na podniesieniu szybkości na mobile. Pozdrawiam Robert Jakubowski

Byłbym zainteresowany usługą. Jakie serwery polecacie dla Presty i optymalizacji pod Prestę? [20:06 23/09/2021]

Piotrek, trochę czasu minęło, ale... dziś polecamy serwery dedykowane OVH lub rozwiązania chmurowe w Digital Ocean. Jeśli macie budżet może to być również Google Cloud.

Wczoraj otworzyłam zgłoszenie na helpdesk w sprawie nowego serwera. Kiedy uzyskamy odpowiedź? [20:08 23/09/2021]

Patrycja mamy Twoje zgłoszenie. Na wyceny dot. optymalizacji odpowiadamy w ciągu 5 dni. Damy znać :-)

Jakie dane trzeba przygotować abyście mogli wycenić optymalizację mojego sklepu? [21:02 25/10/2021]

Bronisław, admin sklepu, FTP i baza danych. Opcjonalnie SSH root.

Przedstawię przepis na możliwie największy wynik w Google PageSpeed: - włączenie PHP 7.4 na serwerze - Prestashop - aktualizacja do najnowszej wersji - wykorzystanie technologii LiteSpeed na serwerze + wtyczki LiteSpeed w Prestashop