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The lowest price of this product in the last 30 days before the discount was 52,50 EUR gross
75,00 EUR -5%
71,25 EUR (inc. VAT)
57,93 EUR net
57,93 EUR net
71,25 EUR gross
The lowest price of this product in the last 30 days before the discount was 52,50 EUR gross
+58 punktów w Programie Lojalnościowym
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Detailed description

Product price history in PrestaShop

Your promotions and price changes will comply with the requirements of European law

The module is translated in English, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French and German.

The module records price changes in the database in an optimized and efficient way and informs your PrestaShop customers in a non-invasive way about the lowest price or price change of the product in the past statutory time:

  • selling prices
  • prices in currencies
  • specific and promotional prices
  • combination prices

Omnibus directive - obligation to inform about prices

The Omnibus Directive is European in scope and requires the owner of an online store to inform customers of the lowest price of the browsed product that occurred within 30 days back or within 30 days back of the promotional price of the product.

The regulations apply to sellers, i.e. businesses that are party to the contract with the consumer and are therefore responsible for the price of the goods sold.

Detection of price changes and promotions

The module will automatically detect changes in selling prices, specific prices, promotional prices and combination prices from any sources from which these changes may originate:

  • Product editing in Back-Office
  • Importing and updating prices, such as from XML or CSV
  • Price changes made by the PrestaShop API
  • Changes coming from external integrations, e.g. from ERP

Price storage time

In the module configuration you can specify the number of days for which the module will archive price changes. The default value is set to a minimum of 30 days.


Presentation of price history

The module meets the requirements of the directive and does not interfere with the appearance of the product page

The module will automatically detect where the product price is displayed in your template and display the relevant information next to the price. You can rely on full placement automation or paste theSmartTag yourself anywhere on the product page, in the product.tpl file.

In a non-invasive and intuitive way for the customer (UX-Friendly), inform about recent changes in the product price.

  • Methods: interactive icon and/or message
  • Automatic placement: next to the crossed-out price, next to the current price, below the current price
  • When: Always or only when the product is on promotion

Interactive icon

Icons (in ultra-small SVG format) correspond to the increase, decrease or no change in price recently. When you hover over or touch (mobile) the icon, a message appears about the lowest price of the products in the last X days or about the lack of price changes.


Complete message

Information about the lowest price of products in the last X days or about the lack of price changes. You can, for example, display an icon always next to the product price, and a complete message only when the product is on promotion.

You can freely edit the appearance or selection of icons and messages using the module's .tpl and .css files.

prestashop omnibus

View and edit price history in admin panel

Access to the price history is possible in the product edition, in the PrestaShop admin panel. The prices archived by the module are available in all currencies. You can edit the saved price history, which will come in handy if you make a mistake while creating a promotion or editing prices.



The module works with PrestaShop Multistore. You can configure the module globally for all stores or independently for each Multistore store.

Modify content and appearance

Message content

In the module configuration you can edit messages in all languages enabled in your store. You can use SmartTags in the message.

Appearance of icons and messages

You can freely modify the appearance of icons and messages by editing the .tpl and .css files of the module.

Collect feedback according to the Omnibus directive

Check out our new Trusted Reviews module, which makes it easy to collect store reviews in accordance with the Omnibus directive. The module also allows you to attach photos to your product reviews, and customers can get extra points in the loyalty program for leaving feedback and photos.

If you purchased the Product Price History module before January 15, 2023 you will receive a 50% discount on the Trusted Reviews module. To receive the discount, contact us on the contact page.

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Komentarze ()
Maciek G
Ps 8.0.3 śmiga jak żyletka! Polecanko:)
Mariusz Hermanowicz
W jaki sposób można otrzymać rabat do modułu opinii zgodnych z Omnibusem, o którym informowaliście na początku roku?
Marcin Pakulski
w porządku
Anna Karolkowa
Super modulik. Nasz prawnik sprawdził i zatwierdził. Polecamy :)
Kiedy można spodziewać się wsparcia dla wersji 8.x?
Tomáš Dvořák
All Good. Thanks!
Małgorzata W
Wszystko pięknie, Panowie na wsparciu bardzo pomocni. Moduł działa. Sprawa Omnibusa załatwiona :-)
Arek G
wszystko ok
Kasia Kulszewicz
Korzystamy od miesiąca. Nie sprawia problemów. Działanie modułu zaakceptował prawnik opiekujący się sklepem. Mamy kilkaset produktów oraz kombinacji, dwie waluty, regularne promocje i zmiany cen z integracji XML modułem pshowimporter oraz ustawiane ręcznie cenami specyficznymi. W pełni polecam :)
Łukasz, możemy dodać taką funkcjonalność - będzie ona kompatybilna wstecz, tzn. zadziala też dla cen już zebranych przez moduł. Otwórz zgłoszenie na
Czy planujecie możliwość wyboru czy wyświetlaną najniższą ceną ma być: cena brutto / cena netto? Obecnie w tagach widzę tylko najniższą cenę z VAT.
Jonathan H
Installation and configuration in few minutes. Good looking and working well. Recommend.

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Technical requirements

Minimum requirements for all modules

  • PHP 7.1 or higher
  • ionCube server extension
  • Nginx or Apache server
  • MySQL >= 5 or MariaDB
  • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
  • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
  • Optional performance optimization extensions: mcrypt, openssl, zip, curl, gd, pdo, varnishd, mod_pagespeed, memcached, apc

You can read more about the requirements in the knowledge base.

Support and warranty

3-Months Free Technical Support

Along with the module, you get 3 months of technical support and access to updates. When the time expires you can continue to use the module. You can renew access to support and to the latest module versions at any time by purchasing any of the available packages. The package includes the entire domain and all modules assigned to the domain.

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PrestaShow modules use license

PrestaShow modules use license

You can find the full content of the license on this page. We have described the operation of the license handling system on this page. Below is a summary of the most important information:

Domain and additional domains

You can assign the module after purchase to 1 store = 1 domain. You can use the module in the domain without time limits. You can add a test/developer store domain to each domain for free. Support for domains in PrestaShop Multistore requires the purchase of multistore support for the module.

Changing the domain

Changing the domain is possible. For this purpose, please contact us.

Code modification

The module code related to the integration with the store and the appearance (.tpl, .css) is open source and you can modify it freely. The module source is encrypted with ionCube.

Test in the demo store

  • You will find the link to the demo store of this module in the top section of the page
  • You can change the language of the demo store and the language of the module (EN, PL, DE, ES, IT, FR) using the top menu of the demo store
  • The demo will be automatically deleted after 48 hours
  • In case of any problems with demo store operation - please contact us

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