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    • Zero commissions, payments straight to your account
    • Fixed monthly subscription, cancel whenever you want
    • Ultra-modern system in the form of a website
    • Beautiful presentation of your restaurant and menu on computers and phones
    • Includes all the necessary functions for running a gastro business and selling on the Internet
    • Simple and complex dishes: modifications, half-off, add-ons, sets, promotions, discounts, upsell, crossell....
    • Restaurant hours of operation, hours of availability of dishes and categories of dishes
    • Deliveries: pickup at the point, free and paid delivery zones, InPost Door-to-Door and Refrigerator Machines
    • Payments: on delivery, online, BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay
    Cena nie uległa zmianie w ostatnim czasie
    87,50 EUR (inc. VAT) 71,14 EUR net
    87,50 EUR (inc. VAT)
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      Detailed description


      • You will receive access to the Amku Amku system within 7 days of purchase
      • When you buy in preorder you will get 12 months of access for the price of 1 month

      Amku Amku is an online restaurant

      Modern, fast and easy to use

      We built Amku Amku using the latest globally popular technology. It is fast, transparent and easy to change and expand.


      We will never charge a commission on your work! You always use Amku Amku as part of your subscription fee and you can cancel whenever you want (but you won't!:)


      Handle customers, orders, delivery zones, promotions and discounts, loyalty points, invoicing and receipts, dish modifier and creator, opening hours and delivery and much more....

      Operate your restaurant independently

      Amku Amku includes all the tools and functionality you need to take orders and handle payments and deliveries.

      If some functionality is missing in Amku Amku - we will integrate it for you for free.


      We use solutions known and liked by Internet users

      From the administrative side, we designed the whole thing so that you can oversee every operation in 1 convenient panel. Amku Amku has what it takes for you to independently run an online gastro at the highest level:

      • Don't worry about technical issues. The whole thing is maintained on a fast and secure infrastructure in the cloud.
      • Your data, orders and customers are not processed by anyone. Only you have access to the collected data.
      • You can operate Amku Amku on your computer, laptop, tablet or any touch screen.

      Menu presentation on the website

      Amku Amku was designed by top UX and UI designers

      The look and feel of your online restaurant will be appreciated by customers, who will remember that your website is fast, convenient and allows them to place an order with a few clicks.

      Identify Amku Amku with your restaurant

      • Upload your logo, set your name, provide addresses, photos and write a few words about your catering adventure
      • Upload your own domain or use amku-amku.pl/pizza-square
      • Opening hours and delivery areas
      • Hours of availability of categories and dishes - breakfast, lunch, dishes of the day, etc.
      • Flexible menus, any additions, sets, promotions
      • Custom zones and delivery costs on an interactive map
      • Instant online payments in PLN, EUR, USD or GBP, payment on the premises or at delivery - always straight to your account
      • Automatic translation of the site in any 3 languages


      Payment methods

      Payments for purchases go straight to your account. We do not mediate your business.

      • Classic transfer
      • PayPal
      • PayU
      • Przelewy24
      • Blik, Apple Pay, Google Pay
      • Credit card payments
      • Payments in cryptocurrencies - Binance Pay
      • Payment on delivery
      • Payment at the premises

      Delivery methods

      You can handle delivery on your own or by integrating with third-party logistics services.

      • Create your own delivery zones (free and paid) on the map
      • Personal pickup at the restaurant or point
      • Integrate Amku Amku with any courier company

      Online menu builder

      In the Admin Panel you will find a system to manage your Menu. Create groups of products and dishes. Set prices and surcharges, assign additional ingredients, create sets. Half-and-half pizza, different sizes and combinations.... You set the goals, then enter them into Amku Amku Menu.

      Guaranteed, Amku Amku Menu will allow you to create any combination of items on the menu.

      • Flexible creator of simple and complex dishes
      • Base prices and surcharges
      • Mass update of ingredients
      • Dishes available by day and time
      • Promotions, sets, discounts
      • Upsell & Cros-sell
      • Optionally use simplified warehouse to automatically exclude out-of-stock items


      Convenient food ordering on mobile and computers

      From shopping cart to delivery, customers are 2 clicks away

      We've used modern technology to make your restaurant's website look and work just as well as the mobile app. Your customers will be able to order from a computer, phone or tablet - on any device Amku Amku looks perfect!

      The greeting and ordering process is easy to understand and leads your customer by the hand:

      1. Enter address to check delivery range
      2. Browse the menu, take advantage of promotions, add to cart
      3. Quick order as a guest or even faster if it's your next order

      Integration with Google Moja Firma

      Do you have a profile in Google Moja Firma? Get 1-click:

      • Addresses and locations
      • Opening hours
      • Reviews and comments

      You can respond to reviews in Google Moja Firma directly from Amku Amku. Customers can receive extra points in the loyalty program for leaving reviews about your kitchen.

      Extra features as standard

      We have equipped Amku Amku with extra features that you can use at any time. You get all the extras as standard - at no extra charge:

      • Agile Upsell and Cross-sell promotions and discount codes
      • Bulk price and ingredient management
      • Invoicing and e-payment system
      • Customer Loyalty Program - collecting points for activity and orders
      • Referral program for customers - commission for the referrer and discount for new customers
      • Integration with Facebook and Instagram profiles
      • Integration with Google Analytics 4 - study your restaurant traffic


      Technical support

      Our priority is to build the system in accordance with your needs

      We have put a lot of work to make Amku Amku affordable for beginners and advanced users. If any element of the system needs to be changed or expanded - our team is at your service.

      Who creates Amku Amku?

      APolish eCommers agency, PrestaShow,is responsible for the implementation of the Amku Amku system.

      At PrestaShow, we have been developing online stores and eCommerce systems for a decade. We have realized the visions of many clients from different industries. We have created more than 40 unique modules (plug-ins) that have allowed thousands of online stores around the world to automate their sales processes and introduce functionalities previously available only to the biggest in the eCommerce industry.

      We want Amku Amku to support the best in the catering industry with its timelessness. We wish that the commission that stays in the pockets of restaurateurs allows them to deliver healthy and delicious cuisine to our doors.

      Amku Amku helps to compete independently and on an equal technological level with the biggest in the industry.

      What are our plans?

      • No extra or hidden fees!
      • Once we exceed 1,000 gastro points, we will launch a cumulative map of restaurants in the area (this will not be the same as our competitors!).
      • Promotion of zero-waste packaging and materials
      • Promotion of healthy food and exercise and sports
      • Fruits and vegetables straight from the farmer - check out the Planter IoT project
      • "Digi-Dong" - a handy device integrated with Amku Amku, a printer for orders, invoices and receipts.

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