• PrestaShop performance audit
    • Speed of operation of the store
    • Correctness of PrestaShop code and installed modules
    • Logs and errors of the store and server
    • Template slowdowns, including CSS and JavaScript
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    300,00 EUR (inc. VAT)
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      Detailed description

      PrestaShop performance audit

      As part of this service, an experienced programmer will examine the key elements of the store, modules, server and database. All analyzed parameters have a direct impact on the stability and speed of your store.

      You will receive the completed audit in the form of a technical description of the state of your store, supplemented with examples and screenshots. In the audit we list the problems and slowdowns found, as well as recommendations and a quote for optimization of all the problems found. The quote is non-binding.

      • Turnaroundtime: up to 10 working days.

      After purchasing the service

      Create a ticket on helpdesk.prestashow.co.uk. Describe your observations and experiences with the operation of the store and server. Indicate the elements and operations to which we should pay special attention.

      Audit scope

      Basic audit scope. If your store uses non-standard solutions, contact us before ordering this service.

      • Database
        Analyze indexes, clean up unnecessary entries, check tables from external modules
      • Score in Google Page Speed (Lightspeed) and GTMetrix performance tests
        • Size of graphics on pages to view
        • Redundancy of js and css files
        • Supplementation of img tags with width and height (page jump optimization)
        • Ajax of invisible elements and modules
      • Profiling
        The number and quality of queries to the database, the size of responses sent from the database
      • Cache
        • Cache of database queries from modules, including popular, recommended, analysis of external modules and their database queries
        • Cache of facet navigation and search engine
      • Graphics on WebP and LazyLoad latency
      • Delay and optimization of non-essential JavaScript, e.g. integrations with external portals, pixels, etc.
      • Blocking unused modules on subpages, e.g., product comments module on the homepage
      • Analysis of unused scripts and template elements, e.g. fonts
      • Updating PrestShop and installed modules to the latest versions
      • Possibility of upgrading PHP, database and server components versions
      • Server performance and quality
      Komentarze ()
      Błędy i problemy precyzyjnie wskazane i wyjaśnione. Ilość włożonej pracy ogromna. Doświadczenie bije po oczach. W tej cenie jest to złoto, godne polecenia każdemu wlasicicelowi Presty.
      Audyt zrealizowany rzetelnie. Otrzymaliśmy 12-stronny PDF z opisem, przykładami, screenshotami i rekomendacjami dla sklepu, modułów, szablonu oraz serwera. Pracownik z Prestashow rozwiał wszystkie wątpliwości. Mocno profesjonalna usługa.

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