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    Detailed description

    Migration or synchronization of data from Shoper to PrestaShop

    Precise transfer of the database

    The service is carried out by a professional programmer familiar with the structure of the Shoper and PrestaShop database.

    Data migration

    The service includes the transfer of a set of data from a Shoper store to a store on the PrestaShop engine.

    • The service includes import to a clean PrestaShop database or to a database that already has products, customers and orders.
    • With this service you will smoothly start selling on the new PrestaShop sales platform.

    Data Synchronizer

    You can order data synchronization between two stores. Synchronization can be done unidirectionally: Shoper > PrestaShop.

    • Ideal solution to make sales using two store engines.
    • Synchronization takes place automatically and in the background.

    Transfer of product information

    Product catalog migration

    All product information will be migrated.

    • Product code
    • Activity
    • Name
    • Price
    • VAT
    • Measurement unit
    • Category
    • Manufacturer
    • PKWIU
    • Weight
    • Short description
    • Description
    • Magazine
    • Availability
    • Delivery
    • Displays
    • Photos
    • Barcode
    • Gabaryt
    • Wholesale price
    • Purchase price
    • Packaging
    • META title
    • META description
    • META Keywords
    • URL
    • Alternative phrases
    • ISBN code
    • Manufacturer code

    List of fields from the product catalog in Shoper that we migrate to PrestaShop. If you have other data - we will be able to migrate them as well.

    Transferring customer accounts

    Migration of customers from Shoper to PrestaShop

    All information about customers, their addresses and orders will be migrated.

    • Delivery addresses
    • Billing addresses
    • Links to Newsletter consents and affiliate offers
    • Links to orders
    • Date added
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Discount
    • Active?
    • Comment
    • Last visit
    • Registered
    • Address name
    • Company name
    • TAX ID
    • Address name
    • Street
    • Street cont.
    • City
    • Postal code
    • Province
    • Country
    • Phone
    • Country code

    List of fields describing the customer database in Shoper, which we migrate to PrestaShop. If you have other data - we will be able to transfer them as well.

    Transferring orders

    Migration of orders from Shoper to PrestaShop

    All order information and its links to statuses, dates, deliveries, payments, customers and products and costs will be migrated.

    • Order statuses
    • Order dates
    • Associations with payment and delivery methods
    • Associations with products
    • Links to customer accounts
    • Order number
    • Order value
    • Email address
    • Date of submission
    • IP address
    • Customer comments
    • Administrator's comments
    • Confirmation
    • Status
    • Form of payment
    • Payment status
    • Delivery shipping
    • Delivery cost
    • Declared shipping date
    • Discounts
    • Name (invoice)
    • Company name (invoice)
    • Nip (invoice)
    • Address (invoice)
    • Postal code (invoice)
    • City (invoice)
    • Country (invoice)
    • Phone (invoice)
    • Name (shipping)
    • Company name (shipping)
    • Nip (shipping)
    • Address (shipping)
    • Postal code (shipping)
    • City (shipping)
    • Country (shipping)
    • Phone (shipping)
    • Products ordered (set of fields)
    • Collection point
    • Promotional code
    • Additional fields
    • Product identifier
    • Name
    • Code
    • Price
    • Discount
    • Quantity
    • VAT (value)

    List of fields describing the history of orders in Shoper, which we migrate to PrestaShop. If you have other data - we will also be able to transfer them.

    Migration / synchronization procedure

    We perform the service in 5 working days

    Migration procedure

    1. Buy the service of data migration from Shoper to PrestaShop.
    2. Open a request on HelpDesk - describe your need in detail and upload your Shoper and PrestaShop store data.
    3. We perform a test migration.
    4. We test the data after migration and correct the problems found.
    5. We perform the target migration.

    Do you need a developer copy of your PrestaShop store?

    If your PrestaShop store has active sales and contains important data on products, customers and orders, then a developer copy of your PrestaShop store is necessary to perform a safe migration - add the developer copy to your shopping cart along with the data migration service.

    For precise data migration or synchronization, we use our proprietary software that integrates PrestaShop with Shoper.
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