Heuristic analysis - SEO / UX audit

PrestaShop store audit and heuristic analysis

Audit of the functioning and development directions of the store. Checking for compliance of UI elements with heuristics, with a focus on the macro goal of the site (with exclusion of irregularities or recommendations for changes). A complete audit of the Desktop and Mobile versions of the online store includes:

Navigation > Search > Forms > Purchase path.

Based on the analysis, a report is prepared with hypotheses, tips and errors to be corrected. We price the recommendations and corrections resulting from the audit and provide the time for their implementation by our studio.

Analysis of customer behavior

Live analysis of customers' mouse movement in the store to catch UX/UI irregularities and errors of less popular browsers. Tools used: HotJar, SmartsLook.

Profitability Audit

  • Determining the researched KPIs of the Online Store and ideas for new solutions to raise various indicators.
  • Determination of revenue sources on the website
  • Optimization of Costs - identification of changes
  • Determination of GOLD customers and change of ad targeting policy and content marketing communications.

Development of eCommerce positioning strategy

  • Analysis of product audience/customers
  • Analyze the current performance of the online store on the web
  • Outlining goals for the online store

Linguistic profiling

Analysis and selection of appropriate keywords to increase organic traffic (tools: Semstorm, Google Organic Search)

Technical optimization of the store for positioning

  • Page title tags <title> and Meta Description tags to make product offerings more attractive to search engines
  • Hx headers - analysis of layout and repetition
  • URLs - analysis of the construction of addresses and their expansion
  • Analysis and optimization of image files, their compression ratio and optimization using PageSpeed Insights
  • Analysis and optimization of site speed with PageSpeed Insights
  • Checking the friendliness of the store for mobile devices using Mobile-Friendly Test, PageSpeed Insights
  • Analysis and if needed removal of spam links using Google Organic Search
  • Implement redirects for lost page addresses as a result of expanding the store's NetPeak Spider assortment, PageSpeed Insights
  • Recovering lost links during site content expansion and performing needed redirects using NetPeak Spider
  • Expansion of internal linking for products

Content marketing - content development and SEO optimization

  • Content analysis for checking Duplicate Content within the online store and in other search results to increase uniqueness (tools: Siteliner)
  • Adding relevant SEO tags (Canonical and prev/next) for improving indexing of individual pages and improving uniqueness of online store content
  • Analyzing content for expansion and getting more keywords

Optimization of conversion and functionality of the store

  • Testing and measuring the functionality of the online store
  • Analysis of customer behavior using Google Analytics
  • Conducting tests within the online store based on previous activities and their impact on the conversion rate

Measurement, testing and re-optimization

Monitoring and optimization of ongoing campaigns

Creating a linking strategy for the site

Conducting additional analysis of links leading to the site
Selection of the most appropriate way and type of links to increase (online forums, comments on blogs, sponsored articles, back-end pages in the form of blogs)

Copywriting services

  • Descriptive and informative pages
  • Blog
  • Product descriptions
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