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    Detailed description

    PrestaShop Galleries and Photos

    Create photo albums and upload them to your store

    Create any number of albums with unlimited number of photos. Add files from your drive or drag files into the module window - the module will do the rest for you.

    • Photo optimization - SEO friendly
    • A subpage with a friendly URL and a list of all albums
    • Place albums or individual photos anywhere in your store using {Smart-Tags}
    • Sliders with photos in any places of the store

    Module configuration

    Photos and albums are SEO friendly

    Google-friendly lightweight format and metadata

    • The module works with the lightweight WebP format.
    • You can set a friendly URL for the album list and for the album, e.g.
    • You can tag each gallery and photo with meta tags and a name and description readable by web robots.

    Customize the look to fit your template

    Beautiful and fully responsive

    prestashop galleries
    Customize the look of your albums by editing css and tpl files

    The default template is lightweight and versatile, and you can freely modify its appearance in the module's .tpl and .css files.

    • Scrollable slider with album thumbnails
    • Enlarged album main photo
    • List of responsive photos
    • Photo zooming in Lightbox with left-right navigation

    Galleries and photos look perfect on computers and mobile devices.

    Intuitive album navigation and photo browsing has been adjusted to all screen sizes.

    galerie zdjęć prestashop
    Conveniently browse photos with mouse and keyboard or touch.

    Place albums and photos where you want

    All created albums will be available on the album list subpage, for which you can set a friendly URL, such as

    For each album and photo, the module generates a {Smart-Tag}, which you can place anywhere in the template (*.tpl), in the content of CMS pages, in product descriptions and blog posts.

    In the module you will find instructions on how to personalize the look and function of photos and albums displayed by {Smart-Tags}

    Using {Smart-Tags} in the content of the product description or directly in the .tpl files of the template, you can display a slider with an album or selected images. Above, several sliders with albums one below the other.
    Albums inserted with {Smart-Tag} on the store homepage

    Personalization of

    Configuring the module will allow you to customize the look and function of the albums and photos for your store.

    Open photos in a new window or in a POP-UP window. In POP-UP you will be able to browse photos. The original photo file will open in a new window.

    Personalization: photo name, photo position in album (drag & drop), album cover photo, hide photo.

    Friendly URL (friendly URL) for all albums page and for each album individually.

    SEO tags to support the positioning of the store in the search results of graphics and the size of thumbnails of photos.

    Descriptions and names for photos and albums - you can translate them in all languages available in your store.

    Link albums by PrestaShop tags - display albums automatically by tags on product pages, category pages and CMS.

    Changelog ()
    Komentarze ()
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    W demo sklepu nie ma tej galerii!
    Grzegorz W
    wchodzę w demo, widzę banner i popularne produkty, żadnych galerii... czy tylko oś u mnie nie pykło?
    Korzystamy do urozmaicenia opisów produktów. Mamy też galerie naszego sklepu stacjonarnego. Polecam :-)
    Olaf Dan
    Jedyny sensowny moduł na rynku. Wymaga drobnych poprawek pod szablon sklepu, jeśli chce się mieć tip top, jednak to niewielki problem. Polecam i moduł i wsparcie Prestashow
    Urszula Ołówek
    Kilka elementów albumów źle wyglądało z standardowym, lekko przerobionym szablonem 1.7, ale dostaliśmy poprawkę po weekendzie. Moduł robi, co do niego należy
    Piotr S - dziękujemy za komentarz. Moduł przeszedł refaktoring, wiele uwag i nowości zostało uwzględnionych w nowej wersji. W razie problemów skorzystaj z HelpDesk. Nie pozostawilismy jeszcze żadnego błędu samemu sobie :-)
    Piotr S
    NIe polecam!
    Modul blokuje obrazy produktow, JS z bledami. przy probie usuniaecia modulu masa powaznych bledow i wgrywanie backupa. Strata czasu i kasy.
    Daniel z
    Korzystam z Galerii na sklepie Moduł wysoce konfigurowalny, łatwy i szybki w użyciu. Poza fajnymi albumami można pojedyncze zdjęcie (i całe albumy również) wstawiać w dowolne miejsca na dowolnych podstronach. Dzięki temu nie musimy już mieszać w kodzie sklepu - wygodnie korzysta się z modułu. Szczerze polecam

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    Technical requirements

    You can read more about the requirements in the knowledge base
    Minimum requirements for all modules:

    • PHP 7.1 - 8.x
    • Server extension ionCube Loader
    • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
    • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
    • PrestaShop VAT Validator only: PHP SOAP
    Support and updates
    • You can use the module indefinitely - the license is lifetime.
    • You get 3-month access to Premium Support for the module.
    • Premium Support gives you access to HelpDesk and to module updates.
    • You can enable access to Premium Support at any time by purchasing any of the available packages

    Module updates
    90 days

    Modules will inform you of an available update directly in your store. Take a look at the changelog. You will update a module conveniently with 1-click.

    HelpDesk support
    90 days

    HelpDesk is a panel where we provide help for modules. On HelpDesk you can order modifications and custom programming work.

    Knowledge Base - FAQ

    The knowledge base is free and available to everyone. You will find module documentation and answers to frequently asked questions.


    License - main domain and secondary domains

    • You can assign module licenses to 1 store = 1 domain.
    • You can add a secondary domain for a test store.
    • You can use the module without time limits.
    • Changing the main domain is possible - for this purpose, please contact us.

    Multistore domains

    Support of unlimited number of domains in PrestaShop Multistore requires purchase of multistore support for the module.

    Modifying the module code

    The module code related to store integration and appearance (.tpl, .css, .js) has open source code and you can modify it freely. The module source code (.php) is encrypted with ionCube.

    • You can test some modules in our demo store. You can find the link to the demo store in the top section of the page
    • You can test some modules for free by downloading 14-day Trial .
    • If you have any problems with the operation of the Demo or Trial version, please contact us
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