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The lowest price of this product in the last 30 days before the discount was 112,50 EUR gross
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    Detailed description

    Collect feedback and reviews of your products

    Automatically and efficiently

    This module will automate the process of collecting reviews from your customers. The module will send email notifications to your customers and easily allow them to leave feedback and reviews on your store.

    • Easy feedback panel in your customer's account.
    • Convenient back-office management of reviews and photos.
    • Email notifications about pending reviews.
    • Loyalty points for leaving reviews and attaching photos.
    • Importing reviews from your old module.
    A tab or section with reviews on the product page

    The module encourages you to give a review

    The module guides the customer by the hand

    The module in the customer account adds a Your Reviews tab.

    Moje Konto - zarządzanie wystawionymi opiniami i zdjęciami
    Customer account - issued reviews and products waiting for reviews.
    • In the Your Reviews tab, the customer will find a history of purchased products awaiting reviews and a list of issued reviews.
    • The module will send an email notification directing the customer to the store's feedback form.
    • You can enable the rewards function for issuing reviews and attached photos to reviews - information about the rewards will appear in the email and in the customer's account.

    Photos of products from your customers

    Build trust in your brand

    • Customers can attach photos to each review.
    • The module optimizes the size and weight of photos to make them SEO-friendly.
    • You can set the maximum number of photos and moderate photos in Back-Office.
    Form for adding ratings, reviews and photos

    Reviews are statistically profitable

    According to an OCCP study, 93% of online shoppers are guided by product reviews posted by other consumers.

    The most valuable are the reviews collected in your store.


    Reviews on the product page

    Build your own trust base

    Rating on the product list

    • You can display the average rating in stars on the product list - in the product box.
    • Enable automatic placement or place manually in your template's .tpl files using {Smart-Tag}.

    Reviews on the product page

    • Include a box with a summary of reviews about the product:
    • List of product reviews with sorting: by date, by community rating, by number of stars or only reviews with photos.
    • Link to the methodology for collecting reviews - according to the Omnibus directive.
    You can modify the appearance of the feedback summary in the .tpl and .css files of the module.
    Opinia ze zdjęciami produktu
    List of reviews on the product page. Customize the appearance to your sabon by modifying the .tpl and .css files

    Single product review

    • Author (in accordance with GDPR / RODO)
    • Add date / edit date
    • Content and rating

    • Photos
    • Community rating
    • Store response

    Collecting reviews in compliance with the Omnibus Directive and GDPR (RODO)

    The Omnibus Directive is European in scope and requires an online store owner to inform customers about how it verifies the authenticity of the opinions it collects.

    The module presents opinions transparently: it informs about the methodology of collecting opinions - you can edit the content of the collection methodology in the module configuration.

    Each review is linked to an order, product and customer account of your store.


    Community rating

    The most popular reviews increase conversions

    You can enable the "Community Rating" function.

    Each opinion will be able to be rated by other customers of your store, as useful or not useful.

    • In the "Most Useful" review sorting mode, reviews with the highest community rating will be displayed at the top of the list of reviews.
    • The community rating builds trust, speeds up the decision-making process, and consequently increases conversions.

    Automatic collection of reviews

    Email notification and notifications in customer account

    prestashop-opinie-powiadomienia mailowe
    Email notification appearance

    In the module configuration, you can enable sending email notifications:

    • Email after purchase (X days)
    • Email reminder about pending reviews (X days)
    • Notifications about reviews in My Account.

    The module sends email notifications using the email settings in PrestaShop. Sending emails is optimized to handle large volumes of sent emails.

    You can freely edit the appearance of emails in .tpl files.

    Feedback management in Back Office

    All information on 1-screen

    Manage opinions conveniently in Back Office. All relevant information is visible on 1 screen. You have filtering and search at your disposal - quickly and without reloading the page.

    • Notifications in Back Office about new reviews
    • Conveniently respond to reviews
    • Turn reviews on and off, delete photos
    Zarządzaj opiniami w panelu administracyjnym
    Conveniently manage reviews in Back Office PrestaShop

    Get reviews for old orders

    Take advantage of your store's history

    Get reviews for old orders

    Enable sending email notifications for past orders.

    Each customer will receive one email with a summary of the products bought so far and a request for feedback.

    Optionally, the module will inform in the email about rewards to be won for giving feedback and attaching photos.

    Migrating reviews from another module

    If your PrestaShop store uses the default comments module, you can 1-click migrate comments and ratings from the standard module.

    The module will give you statistics and allow you to migrate reviews and ratings with 1-click.

    After migrating reviews, you can uninstall the old comments module from your store.

    Additional module settings

    Personalize the module to your needs

    You can modify the appearance of the reviews in your store freely by editing the .tpl and .css files of the module. You can also place an order to prepare a customized look on HelpDesk.

    Search, filter and browse reviews and attached photos.

    The module optimizes photos uploaded by customers.

    Enable customer name animation (GDPR/RODO).

    Enable customer to edit reviews 1 time.

    You can write your response to each opinion, which will be visible below the opinion. You can edit the answer to the opinion at any time.

    Opinion statistics on the "Your Opinions" button in My Account.

    You can accept opinions manually or they can appear automatically.

    Sort opinions on the product page.

    You can delete or disable reviews.

    You can enable the "Community Rating" function.

    You can set the number of photos a customer can attach to a review.

    Rewards for reviews given

    Manage the pace of collecting reviews

    If you use our Loyalty Program module, the customer can receive loyalty points for the reviews and photos left.

    If you use both PShowTrustedReviews and PShowLoyalty modules in your store, the modules will detect each other and inform the customer about the shared points account in the Loyalty Program module.

    Enable the rewards tab in My Account
    PrestaShop Reviews module works with PrestaShop Loyalty Program module.

    Coming soon...

    Integration with Facebook reviews

    Mix your store's reviews with Facebook reviews. The Facebook Integrator module is additionally required for the integration.

    Integration with Google Business reviews

    Mix reviews issued in the store with reviews from Google My Business. Google My Business module is additionally required for integration.

    Changelog ()
    Komentarze ()
    The reviews posted on our store are not sponsored in any way. We also verify that they were added by customers who have purchased from us or guests. If you want to learn more about this topic please read our Regulations.
    Sławomir N
    Czy gwiazdki oceny z karty produktu, będą się wyświetlać w google?
    Czy moduł działa z creative elements/elementorem? Da się umieścić moduł na stronie produktu przez shortcode?
    Grzegorz, zanotowaliśmy Twoje pomysły i weźmiemy je pod rozwagę w przyszłych aktualizacjach modułu.
    Chodzi mi też o otrzymywanie bardziej komentarzy odnośnie zakupu, niż produktu. Przy odzieży każdy może różnie ocenić materiał.
    Witam, czy będzie możliwość stworzenia w sklepie podstrony z wszystkimi komentarzami, jak to ma miejsce w tego typu usługach np. trustmate, trustedshops? Może też jakiś widget wysuwany z możliwością ustalenia miejsca wysuwania?
    zgłoszenie z prośbą o instalację czeka na helpdesk :-)
    Kupione. Czekamy na premierę!

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    Technical requirements

    You can read more about the requirements in the knowledge base
    Minimum requirements for all modules:

    • PHP 7.1 - 8.x
    • Server extension ionCube Loader
    • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
    • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
    • PrestaShop VAT Validator only: PHP SOAP
    Support and updates
    • You can use the module indefinitely - the license is lifetime.
    • You get 3-month access to Premium Support for the module.
    • Premium Support gives you access to HelpDesk and to module updates.
    • You can enable access to Premium Support at any time by purchasing any of the available packages

    Module updates
    90 days

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    HelpDesk support
    90 days

    HelpDesk is a panel where we provide help for modules. On HelpDesk you can order modifications and custom programming work.

    Knowledge Base - FAQ

    The knowledge base is free and available to everyone. You will find module documentation and answers to frequently asked questions.


    License - main domain and secondary domains

    • You can assign module licenses to 1 store = 1 domain.
    • You can add a secondary domain for a test store.
    • You can use the module without time limits.
    • Changing the main domain is possible - for this purpose, please contact us.

    Multistore domains

    Support of unlimited number of domains in PrestaShop Multistore requires purchase of multistore support for the module.

    Modifying the module code

    The module code related to store integration and appearance (.tpl, .css, .js) has open source code and you can modify it freely. The module source code (.php) is encrypted with ionCube.

    • You can test some modules in our demo store. You can find the link to the demo store in the top section of the page
    • You can test some modules for free by downloading 14-day Trial .
    • If you have any problems with the operation of the Demo or Trial version, please contact us
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