Online store - by yourself, with the support of a freelancer or an eCommerce agency? A brief history of a veteran of all levels of online store development

Self-reliance in eCommerce at your fingertips

If you believe in yourself, I'm almost certain that you already have some practice in the eCommerce industry or running an online store.

If you don't have the experience, it's worth gaining it. In this post, you'll learn the story that will probably await you as well, if you start working on your eCommerce business today.

Intuition suggests you launch the store yourself, bundle it with a server and a domain and make your first sale. If you are determined you will launch the store, learn how to use it and how to modify it.

After a while you will notice that growing sales means growing needs and responsibilities. Eventually, the day will come when you will realize that the eCommerce machine is alive, has its needs and growing potential that it is a shame to waste.

The needs of your store are growing

You will begin to supplement the needs of your store with free and paid modules and with the help of forums and newsgroups. Along with the needs pile up the deficiencies you feel you should make up or delegate. Can you program, create graphics, handle HelpDesk, accounting and sales alone? Definitely yes! However, will each of the planes you'll have to navigate make you happy? Not necessarily. It is these planes that will be the bottleneck in the development of your store.

If you have reached a point where activities overwhelm you, you should think about delegating tasks.

If you don't want to waste time digging around in code, and would rather focus on networking or analyzing available solutions, then use a professional back office.

Many stories that blazed trails in online sales succeeded when the owner realized that the investment in code and back office was an expense just as important as buying merchandise or negotiating commissions with an e-payment provider.

Freelancer is a good choice to start

A fledgling owner may treat his online business second-nature. He has a limited budget, instead he has a lot of ideas or emerging needs. As you develop, you may come across a capable freelancer who can support your store while cashing in a little money.

However, things vary with freelancers - they may be at the movies or after an event. They may lack skills among server-related technologies or SEO optimization. A freelancer's processing power is also limited. You need to be aware that you are not his only client.

You will experience these limitations, for example, when you invest in an advertising campaign and the store refuses to serve. Server failure can entail wasting time searching for an administrator who not only won't rip your skin off, but to whom you can hand over your access data in confidence.

Work with an eCommerce agency

The panacea for a growing store is the support of a company that specializes in eCommerce, SEO or ADS. What companies offer are often convenient solutions in communication and workflow. You can dwell on the offers and methodology of cooperation. But bet on a portfolio and experience in the planes and services you are interested in. A proven company will by no means tell you that it can't be done.

Choose several companies, send a request for proposal, check response times, prices and how you will be received. If you feel your doubts disappear, it's a sign that you've come to the right place.

Share your problems with us, at PrestaShow we have solutions that will surely help you. Good luck!

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