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    • Mobile Warehouseman is a prototype project
    • Mobile Warehouse Worker is not available for regular sale
    • We develop applications on individual order
    • If you are interested in Mobilny Magazynier system - please contact us via Contact page

    PrestaShop application Warehouse Maker

    Use your smartphone or data collector to conveniently navigate your products in conjunction with your ERP system or PrestaShop store

    PrestaShop Mobile Warehouseman is a modern, high-speed app consisting of two or three elements that communicate with each other:

    • Android application - phones and data collectors
    • A module installed in PrestaShop
    • An app that connects to your ERP system (optional)

    The applications are characterized by immediate operation without delays and an intuitive and fast interface.

    Supported devices

    • Smartphones with camera and Android system
    • Data collectors with laser, e.g. Honeywell, Zebra or any other with Android system
    • ZPL-IIlabel printers

    Linking to your PrestaShop store

    1. Install the module in your PrestaShop store. No additional steps are required
    2. Install the app on your phone or data collector
    3. In the app settings, enter your store URL and PrestaShop admin login and passwords
    4. The app will establish a secure connection to your PrestaShop store

    The app supports PrestaShop admin accounts and logs all operations performed by the app user in PrestaShop logs. The communication is done using PrestaShop API.

    Connecting with ERP system

    The application is flexible and can work with PrestaShop store or with ERP system. On individual request, we can customize the application to work with the database of any ERP system. Currently supported systems:

    • ENOVA

    Data browsing mode

    Use the application to scan barcodes and QR codes to indicate the goods. The application will display key product information: stocks, margins, location and quantities in stock, features, or photos.

    You can search with the camera, scanner or manually.

    • Customers
    • Products
    • Orders

    Data editing mode

    Update photos

    View, edit and add photos of products in your PrestaShop store directly from the app. You can take a photo with the camera in the app or choose from the gallery.

    Edit inventory

    Quickly search for any product, change its quantities using + / - buttons or enter the quantity manually. The app will save the changes and switch to search/scan mode.

    Label printing mode

    Print and update labels for goods on store and warehouse shelves and for packages to be shipped. Scan the goods and start printing the label.

    The application works with all ZPL II printers, including Zebra. Can be integrated with other systems.

    Order handling mode

    The app generates a unique QR code for a single or multiple orders you want to handle.

    1. Select the orders to be prepared in the app or PrestaShop store to generate a bulk PDF with order details and product barcodes to be collected
    2. The employee scans the QR code on the document or manually searches for the document in the app
    3. Employee collects products by moving around the warehouse
    4. Product marking can be done manually, with a camera or with a collector
    5. Products collected in the right quantity are marked in green in the application

    Suggestions for implementation

    The application can be freely extended to display, support or automate any operations you perform in working with products in the warehouse and in the online store.

    Mode of marking product location in the warehouse

    Shelves in the warehouse are marked with a barcode and an ID. An employee spreading goods on a shelf scans the goods and then the shelf number. At this point, the location in PrestaShop changes with the shelf number for the product.

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    Technical requirements
    • PHP 7.1 or higher
    • ionCube Loader server extension
    • MySQL >= 5 or MariaDB
    • PrestaShop Importer only: PHP libxml version > 2.9.3
    • PrestaShop Facebook Integrator only: PHP 7.2 or higher
    • PrestaShop VAT Validator only: PHP SOAP
    Support and warranty
    • With the module you get 3-month access to Premium Support.
    • You can renew access to support at any time by purchasing any of the available packages

    Access to Updates
    3 months

    Modules will inform you about an available update directly in your store. Check out the changelog. You will update a module conveniently with 1-click.

     Access to HelpDesk
    3 months

    HelpDesk is a panel where we provide help with the use of the module. On HelpDesk you can order modifications and custom programming work.

    Knowledge Base - FAQ

    The knowledge base is free and available to everyone. In it you will find module documentation and answers to frequently asked questions.


    Domain and additional domains

    • You can assign the module to 1 store instance = 1 domain.
    • You can use the module without time limitation.
    • You can add a test / development store domain.
    • To change the domain opena request on HelpDesk.

    Multistore domains

    Supporting unlimited domains in PrestaShop Multistore requires purchasing multistore support for the module.

    Modifying the module code

    The module code related to store integration and appearance (.tpl, .css) is open source and you can modify it freely. The module source is encrypted with ionCube.

    • You can test some modules in our demo store. You can find the link to the demo store in the top section of the page
    • You can test some modules for free by downloading 14-day Trial .
    • If you have any problems with the operation of the Demo or Trial version, please contact us

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