Integrating PrestaShop with wholesalers and running inventory management

Integrating your store with product suppliers is crucial to the smooth operation of your business. Nothing prevents you from integrating your store with multiple suppliers, and with the help of automation, you will be in control of the goods you sell. We present 2 modules that will allow you to:

  1. Perform standalone integration of your PrestaShop store with wholesalers and product suppliers.
  2. Manage inventory management directly in your PrestaShop store.

We'll dispel some myths and make product integration seem easier than ever!

Self-integrate your store with wholesalers

Manage the flow of products in your store

We offer an agile and unique module for importing product data from API and from XML and CSV files. With PrestaShop Importer module you can integrate your store with wholesalers, suppliers and any product feeds - with no limits on the number of integrations.

  • You can upload products that you maintain in Excel
  • You can upload products that your supplier provides
  • The module can communicate with the API of the wholesaler

We have divided the processes of connecting to the wholesaler into 5 steps:


In step 1 you will find a list of all your integrations:

prestashop import xml csv api

Once integrated the wholesaler works automatically

The module regularly updates data to your store, downloading product catalogs, features, images, combinations, updates prices and stocks, etc. Forget about manual updates!

Each integration can be modified by you at any time

If, after the import, you decide that some of the data is redundant, you don't want it to be overwritten, or you want to choose products from a cheaper supplier, then edit the integrations directly in the module. The module does not place any restrictions on you.

XML and CSV product feeds

Upload a product feed to the module and PrestaShop Importer will start an unattended flow of information between the product supplier and your store.

API integration

In the PrestaShop Importer module, it is possible to connect your store to the API of a wholesaler that does not provide XML or CSV feeds. Integration using the API requires the creation of a script that connects to the wholesaler's API, and then fetches data from the API and generates an XML feed that can be fed to the importer.

Flexible modification of integrations

Each configured wholesaler in the Importer module can be edited at any time to manipulate product data before it reaches your store.

Integrating with multiple suppliers can lead to duplicate products. Our module solves this problem by linking wholesalers to products in your store. If you configure two wholesalers and they have the same product, the module can skip the import from the second wholesaler.

An alternative solution may be to run Advanced Warehouse Management in your store. You will implement Advanced Warehouse Management in your store using the module we write about later in the post....

Warehouse management in PrestaShop

Import products locate in virtual warehouses

Stationary store owners are accustomed to ERP software that provides a database of information about products, inventory, receipts and warehouse movements. A warehouse or multiple warehouses are maintained in third-party, often complex and expensive software, and selected information is sent to the online store via yet another integrator.


Is the online store also doomed to this? What do you say if you could use a simplified version of this process, if this process interacted automatically with your online store operations and was run in accordance with the capabilities of modern logistics?

  • Import products from multiple suppliers with the PrestaShop Importer module
  • Use the Advanced Warehouse Management module to create warehouses in the store with which your store cooperates. Warehouses can store the same product in different locations, with different inventory and delivery methods.
  • Manage goods receipts and automatic warehouse movements
  • Display information on the product page about the availability of products in multiple warehouses (e.g., your stationary stores or suppliers), along with information about delivery times or the possibility of personal pickup
  • Complete orders and print labels with an app for data collectors (e.g. Zebra, Honeywell) and any Android smartphones (coming soon)

Create an app for PrestaShop

Manage your store on smartphones and data collectors

Our modules are flexible solutions that we develop all the time, according to the needs coming from the users. We can expand each module to your needs, so that you can even better improve the flow of information in your store.

  • PrestaShop Importer, Advanced Warehouse Management and Mobile Warehouse Manager modules work together.


E.g., when configuring integration with a wholesaler, you can indicate in which warehouse its product quantities should be updated. The Advanced Warehouse Management module can display to your customers on the product page the available quantities from different warehouses, and during the ordering process multiple delivery methods for the customer to choose from if there are products from multiple different warehouses/locations in the order.

The Mobile Warehouse App is a solution that we efficiently implement on a customized basis. It is a foundation that will allow you to:

  • Add new photos for products directly from your Smartphone - take a photo of the product, process it and insert it into the store.
  • Complete orders
  • Search and edit basic information about products
  • And much more...

There's no need to wait - start managing your eCommerce business agilely with PrestaShow :-)

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